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Crouching… Eagle by marcinbera

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bombero rescatando a gato del incendio en valparaiso 

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Old School Style Masonic Symbol Tattoos in browns and blacks

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"If you aren’t gonna say exactly how and what you feel, you might as well not say anything at all." ― Johnny Cash

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Late Night Special: Old Douglas Fir Woodpeckers Covered With Acorns

Acorn woodpeckers spend their time collecting acorns, drilling holes in firs, and then popping the acorns in the holes for safe keeping. This is the most extreme example I’ve seen to date, with hundreds of holes on every surface, including the underside of the limbs!

(Mount Tamalpais, California - 4/2014)

I suspect these little miscreants would be a nightmare for our arborists and groundskeepers. Aside from trees, they’ve been known to create acorn “granaries” in just about anything they can punch holes in—buildings, fenceposts, etc. Lucky for us they’re westerners through and through. —MN

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life on a motorcycle

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